Torden Advantages

Torden is a competent small business led by a team that embodies integrity and has decades of proven experience in leading and growing programs.

Torden offers these advantages:

  • Strong, in-place business structure and proven past performance that provides Government and Commercial partners with very low-risk solutions
  • Strong financial foundation and backing HIPAA-compliant medical translation solutions
  • Registry for the Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)-compliant ASL solutions
  • Proven support to national level missions.
  • Ability to find, qualify, & clear very low-density linguists (Bahasa, Fulani, Hausa, etc.).
  • Proven past performance supporting 25+ languages.
  • Leadership with successful track records and solid reputations amongst the Government and industry as people who deliver
  • Proven ability to lead and grow worldwide operations in challenging, unpredictable environments
  • A belief in hard work, responsiveness, collaboration, and the saying “the devil is in the details”

COVID Update:

• During the COVID-19 pandemic, Torden has been open and operated everyday, 24/7.

• Torden’s contingency plans include a COVID Disease Preparedness and Response Plan that outlines the processes that Torden will use to minimize the risk of COVID exposure, as well as what to do in case on personnel exposure.

• Torden has taken and will continue to take appropriate steps to implement workplace controls with the objective of systematically removing the threat of COVID from our work areas. Torden has incorporated the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as engineering controls through the use of high-efficiency air filtration systems (Hathaspace HSP001 Smart True High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Air Purifiers) in its corporate offices. We have supplied and continue to supply our personnel with facemasks, latex gloves, and hand sanitizer.

• Torden has continued to hire and deploy personnel without incident.

Torden Advantages Page
Torden Advantages Page

Not just another small business - Torden will increase your PWin and results.

Torden is a HIPAA-compliant medical translation provider.

Torden is a Registry for the Interpreters for the Deaf compliant interpretation provider.

Torden Advantages
Often, business execution requires the unique support that only a small business can provide.