Professional Training & Development

Key to mission success is preparing our young men and women, who will represent the United States, to successfully operate in foreign environments, where the languages and customs do not equate to what they learned. Teaching hands on skills and preparing them to react to diverse, dynamic, complex, and culturally sensitive situations is key to their success in contingency environments, as well as returning home after a deployment. The goal is to develop to flexible, knowledgeable military personnel and, in turn, proficient, cohesive units .

Torden LLC focuses on Government/Military and Veterans training the following areas:

  • Contemporary Operational Environment (COE) Training

  • Counterinsurgency (COIN) Operations

  • Mission-readiness rehearsal exercise support

    • Linguist role players
    • Scenario developers
    • Cultural Advisors
    • Tactical and Strategic Advisors – experienced, tested military veterans
    • Curriculum and Program of Instruction Development
    • On-site training (i.e., classroom and field)
  • Veterans: Training for career development and transitioning to civilian life

These services fall under NAICS 611430 (Professional and Management Development Training)

Preparing the military to operate throughout the world and achieve success requires effective training in realistic scenarios.

Torden Advantages
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