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Katie Peltier

Katie O. Peltier


Ms. Peltier has over 25 years of financial management experience in the fields of banking and management consulting.  She is an expert in accounting, cost analysis, and statistical modeling.

From 2000 to 2009, as a VP of Risk Management, she led Bank of America’s (formerly Fleet Boston Financial) efforts to develop and validate probability of default scoring models for small businesses.  In this role, she developed a scoring model and Performance Based Underwriting Platform that served to reduce Bank of America’s portfolio risk.  She also reduced BoA’s underwriting time and costs and improved small business approval rates.  Ms. Peltier was instrumental in collaborating with BoA’s business lines so that they were able to understand and incorporate her scoring models and PBU process.

From 1991-1999, Ms. Peltier worked as a Principal Consultant with Price Waterhouse.  She led market research and cost allocation projects in support of the International Monetary Fund, the Department of Transportation, and the United States Postal Service.

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